Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where I've been and what I've seen - Part 1

When asked : "So what's new, what've you been up to?"
My standard answer is usually: "Nothing really, just working."
After the said exchanges, I usually re-evaluate exactly what I have been doing with my time (or at least my free time outside of working.).
The truth?
Not every moment has been awe-inspiring.  But, we have been on the move.  You see, sometimes I forget that trips were taken because of the simple fact that I forgot to snap thousands of photos.  So I decided to take you along with us on some of our trips, since I've forgotten to share them.
Not all posts will include photos from yours truly, but I'll try my hardest to include links to available websites so you can check it out for yourself.
I think some, if not most of the places we've hit are worth looking into.
P.S.  Most of our trips revolve around food, so beware if you're on a diet.

Our first trip was a quick one taken in July of this year.  We went to Portland for a day, then ended up in Salem.
As I've said time and time again, I (we) love Portland.
We are still exploring this grand metropolis and finding places we plan to return.  On this trip, we re-visited old favorites and found some new.  We got there around noon.  So our first stop was for lunch at a Cuban restaurant, Pambiche.
This usually crowded (good sign, in my opinion) restaurant is colorful and original, delicious and totally worth getting lost for (directions always lead you down one way streets that will get you lost).

I ordered a dish (I can't remember the name) with oxtail in a "special sauce."
It was delicious.
Aaron (the little plate across the table) ordered a Cuban Sandwich with plantain fries.
Oh and a mojito was mine to have as well.
Did I mention that all of it was delicious and always has been?

When we first reached Pambiche, we parked across the street from it and noticed a brewery.  After lunch, we ran across the street to a brewery: the Migration Brewing Co.
The vibe of the brewery was layed back, open and would be a great place to just be for a while.
As for the beer? Only Aaron had a pint here, as I was stuffed to the gills with oxtail and a mojito.  Verdict was that the beer was "pretty good."
That's saying a lot for Aaron to say that about a beer.

Our final destination was the Cascade Barrell House.
This was Aaron's choice as this brewery is known for its craft beers and sour beers.
We ordered some appetizers and a couple flights to test things out, mostly sours.
It turned out to be such a good idea.  I'm not a sour beer fan, but even I found some I liked.

As I said before, this was a quick weekend trip, so we didn't get to cover much else.
This pretty much sums up our weekend in NW Oregon.

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