Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sing it to me!

     The other day as I was standing next to Aaron at our bible study meeting and singing, I realized (again) what a good singing voice he has. I wait for him to start singing the song, then slowly join in.  I love it and love his voice.  It's one of life's little pleasure.  Anyway, this guys voice in the video reminded me how much I like when men actually sing and do so simply...not just yell or rap, or really even belt it out opera-style (although I have a healthy respect for that).  It's refreshing, and in my opinion, kind of a lost art.
     Enjoy both the good song and the good singing, won't you?

P.S. Did I ever tell you Aaron was in a band and he was the lead singer?! I'll have to see if I can dig a song up!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Going viral

NO! It's not viral as in the flu...think of a pretty amazing something that everyone wants a little part of and then you have "intra-web virality."
(just made that word up!)
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just watch this again and again (like me and several other girls I know) and then you will understand "viral." 
Just click on the video below and......Enjoy!

Just click on the video below and......Enjoy!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday (double - time)

By now I'm guessing most of you have heard of the musician Gotye and the recent song played the most.  For those of you not acquainted, meet Gotye and his weird, weird mouth (and video too I guess....)

Well, the lovely lady, who's hair and makeup I love AND who sings with him is Kimbra and I'm kind of obsessed with her music right now.
Mostly this song:

After watching this video, I guess it and her Napoleon Dynamite dancing is not all that normal either.
Oh well.  Enjoy anyway, won't you?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Toil and Boil- brew and bubble...

If you were here two posts ago, you may recall I proclaimed my love of dark beers.  But I'll let you in on another little secret: I like other beers too.  I like them so much that I had a bit of a panic when Aaron told me we only had a little bit of beer left in one keg.  EH?! What?!
He planned on brewing some more so I asked if I could brew some too so that it would be ready for the coming summer.  My choice was a Honey Hefeweizen (which I thought I should name the 'Honey-don't Hef'....because "Honey" didn't brew this one-Ha ha!).  My wish was granted (or will be after 6 weeks of fermentation...)
So it started with this kit:

                                                                and this equipment:
burners and tanks

(my brewing socks)

AND my brewing instuctor

First water is warmed up then grains are added, and then?

                                                     And it ended up looking like this:
Then came the boiling, adding ingredients and stirring.
After an hour, the ingredients are placed inside the white bucket to the left of me.
Then the ingredients ferment for 6 weeks.
The fermented ingredients then turn into real beer.  My beer!
It is as simple as that.
I can't wait to try it!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Thinking

As I was flipping through the March issue of 'Self' magazine I came to the very last page where there is a monthly feature: "a moment for yourself."  The picture on this page shows a clear, blue sky with puffy clouds and bright yellow flowers stretching to meet the sun-  so it definitely caught my eye.  I usually pause and think "Hmm, okay..." and move on.  But this one made me stop and think for a minute.  Here's what it said:

"We allow ourselves to appreciate the beauty of nature- flowers, whatever the length of their stem or the shape of their petals; clouds in the sky, however wispy or puffy - so why don't we treat ourselves with the same admiration?  Just like every bloom, blade of grass or ray of sun, we are beautiful.  Sometimes, you have to slow down long enough to let that sink in."

This seems to make sense.  Every year when Spring rolls around, it causes me to become acutely aware of the beauty on Earth (especially after ugly Winters in our town).  The chirping birds, clear skies, buds on trees and blossoming buds continue to cheer me on and brighten my spirits.  That I can identify with.  However, what stood out to me was the idea that it is just as important to find something...anything of beauty in ourselves and enjoy it to that magnitude...even if for a minute.  What an idea that is for me!

And that is as deep as it gets for me today. 

The End.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Have I ever told you....

  • that I've been stumped and don't know what to write in this blog anymore?
  • that I'm back to rambling/blogging at a snail's pace?
  • that I have become a bonafide, dark-beer drinker (what?!)  and I now crave it? moderation of course.
  • Aaron and I get carded 98% of the time by people WAY younger than us (still irritating)
  • that we agreed to throw ourselves a small party when we are not asked for our ID FIVE (5) times in a row?
  • that we realize this may take us a very long time?
  • that I work in a dental office with an amazing candy drawer?
  • that every single one of us in the office visit the drawer at least twice a day?
  • blue is my favorite color?
  • I can't stop buying things that are blue?
  • I love/hate Spring?  Love it because Winter is over and everything new is coming up/out.  Hate it due to my raging allergies.
  • after reading my multiple posts regarding my love of shopping, my mother told me she thinks I need therapy?
  • I thought she may be right for two seconds and then realized I'm like every other girl out there? Completely normal....
  • I HATE washing dishes and would rather clean my toilet?
  • we miss Ireland more than we ever thought we would?
  • I used to turn my nose up to bananas and jalapenos and now I can't get enough of them?
  • that I always butcher "idioms" (aka common phrases or sayings) and say things like "she was riding the fence" instead of just "on the fence."
  • babies with A LOT of hair when they are born kinda' gross me out?
  • that I don't feel that last statement makes me a bad person but maybe a little bit quirky?