Sunday, November 28, 2010

If at first you don't succeed....

     take it as a hint that it may not be in your best interest to continue (maybe?)  So...I went snowboarding for the second time yesterday.  I'll admit it,  I was feeling pretty confident (cocky is probably more like it).  After all, my first day hadn't gone bad at all.  True, I was sore the day after, but it was nothing I couldn't handle.  We even faced the crowds on "Black Friday" and bought me and my little-board-that-could some new bindings (the old ones caused me to have a temper tantrum like no one should ever see...except Aaron 'cause we're married and that's one of the joys).  Anyway, I was excited to speed down the hill with my new goods.  I was ready to show everyone how well I could manuever down the hill!!  So we get to the park and meet up with friends.  I look around and "survey" the hill.  It looks good.  I strap on my board and notice while I'm doing it just how easy my new bindings make it. I am on top of the world - or at least the hill- and feeling great!!  I stand up (after a lot of effort mind you) and start to glide down the hill.  I think I may have moved a foot but then took a sliding crash close to a tree (it scared me so I bailed.)  After that it was all a blur.  My day ended up in a series of  ultra-crappy runs (more like tumbles with a side of face plants and whiplash) down the hill.  One crash made me wonder what the blazes I was doing out there and wondering just how much damage I'd done. But I kept trying and trying and ended up with one "good" run.  ONE. And the peasants rejoice.

     The moral of the story is: I'm not so sure about this whole snowboarding thing.  I hear it's a lot of fun once you get the hang of it, but I'm not sure if I'm patient enough to work towards the point where I'm good at it.  I'm also not sure if my body is going to support me on this journey ( I feel I should let you know that as I type this I can only move my neck so far in one direction and I have some nasty bruises that hurt every time I touch them.  Even my hair hurts. Ouch.  I just touched a bruise.)
     To be continued?


mary barry said...

Very funny Whitney, you would be a great sports writer!
I tried Skiing and Snowboarding once each about 5 to 7 years ago, I'm too old, too scared and wonder what in the world am I doing?!? I would love to try it all in the new system!

benworcester said...

A winter enthusiast once told me the wisest advice: the drug of choice, Ibuprofen. Never get into the lift line and especially onto the lift without it.
Ask Aaron about the one and only time I strapped onto one of those things.

The Fonz.