Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm ba-ack!

After a stressful 4 point security check at the Dublin airport, the 11/12 hour flight home then the 5 hour drive home....we are finally home.  In fact as I write this I'm sitting on my couch, on my computer, in our house.  It is sooo good to be home!  As a bonus, I even get to sleep in my own bed!  SCORE!!

For those who do not know, Aaron and I have been in Ireland for the past two weeks.  Because of this recent trip, I'm very excited to share pictures with you, but they aren't ready for viewing yet (read: I'm too lazy tonight to get the ol' ball rolling in that direction).

However, over the next couple of days or weeks....or months (?) I hope to give you a little view of what Aaron and I've been doing over the past two weeks. 

Overall, we would say the trip was a success and also (as mentioned before) a HUGE learning curve as Ireland is another country and they do things there a little different then what we are/were used to!!  I"ll explain all of this later.

But please, don't forget to stop by later for a little picture viewing.....if you want to.

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