Sunday, June 12, 2011

Northern Ireland- Day 2

Did I mention the previous night in Belfast we got home close to 11 pm because we literally could not find a time OR place to catch a bus home so we walked for over an hour?
And I had to pee SUPER bad (as in def com 4).
And there were no toilets to be found?
True story.  But enough about that distant memory.

The next morning we woke up early, had breakfast prepared for us and it was amazing!!  I had french toast with cut up Irish bacon and cheese melted over the top of it...AND syrup and Aaron had an omelet.

From breakfast we decided to take off and head drove further up north.  On our way out of the B and B's driveway, we saw two people who were really dressed up and going door to door.  We decided they must be out in service so we stopped in the middle of the street and waved them over. We asked if they were Jehovah's witnesses and they replied "Yes," so we said, "us too!"  We had a brief visit and were so happy to start our day out with that!

The B and B owner recommended a castle, Carrick Fergus to start with. 
We did.
It was fairly interesting but a little too touristy for our taste.
So I talked to one of the tenants but he didn't have much to say back.
So I stared him down....still nothing.
Take a look:

Did I mention it rained and rained for the entire first week? 
Yes, so things were a bit moist and we had a bit of difficulty keeping water off the lense of the camera as it was blowing right into us. So my apologies for any water spots.

One of the places I wanted to see the most was the Giant's Causeway.
Legend is that a giant named Finn McCool built it.

You can read the rest of the legend here Giant's Causeway legend 

Others (as in scientists) say it is a lava flow from a nearby volcano.
Even though I think the latter is more like it, I do like the legend as well.
Regardless, the place is amazing and should not be missed.

We moved on and eventually out of the north.  We had no plans as to where we were staying that night and figured it would be fairly easy to find a hotel in one of the bigger towns.
We were wrong. 
We drove in circles, back and forth with very little help from the GPS.
We finally pulled over, asked someone where a place to stay could be and then drove in circles again.
The place we were told to drive either didn't exist (not likely)
OR the directions were awful (we're betting on that one).

We finally settled on a B and B that the GPS recommended.  By this point, it was 10 pm and Aaron was brave enough to knock on the door and ask if there were any rooms available.  It turns out there are very few hotels and that B and B's are actually Ireland's version of hotels.  It was okay that we had no reservations and the couple was so warm and inviting that they even served us tea and cookies in their sitting room.

One of the things we discussed was this amazing, "derelict" structure in the middle of a farm field.  They told us it was called the Ogilvy mansion.  Derelict or not, it was breathtaking and almost like it was straight out of the movies.

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