Friday, March 22, 2013

K.I.S.S. means...

 Keep It Simple, Stupid! This is something I think of often. Too often. Oh! When am I going to be done with this "simplify project"? When am I?!.....
I just finished another shameful purge of my closet, where several piles of clothes that were in perfectly good condition were either consigned or donated. I always feel a little bad doing so, because I feel wasteful and/or greedy or because something has so many memories associated with it that I just hate to get rid of it, even though it no longer fits and never will. I simply have too many clothes and can't bear to get rid of most of them OR keep buying new ones (although not as much.....)
So on that note, I've been trying my hardest (Scout's honor) to not purchase any more clothing.  It's not fun. In fact, it down right stinks, but it just makes sense....common sense that is.  In fact, we went into a store today and I just stood there in the bra section (the least tempting section..I HATE bra shopping) and waited for Aaron while he tried on some things.  It wasn't fun either.  Again, it stunk. But it felt good too! I simply need to wear more of my clothes before I flippantly get rid of them.
I'm also still sifting through my entire house, evaluating and getting rid of things(again via consignment or donation) that are no longer loved or useful.  It feels so good to get rid of things and see spaces open up in our little house. It's also so much easier to keep clean! Oh, and lets be honest, shall we? It's nice to make a little extra spending money on random stuff collecting dust!
It's been a good lesson in my little life to try to keep things simple.  I'm finally coming to see the simple truth that I don't need every new thing out there. I need what I need. That's it.

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These I Like Best said...

At least you consign some of the stuff you get rid of. Recycling is good. I have clothes that don't fit that I hold on to hoping they will fit again some day. Some I was able to give to a family member who was in need of clothes, but I went through the closet again when we moved and boxed up stuff I just couldn't wear. Hopefully I will be able them out of the garage at some time and actually use them. Some were barely worn before they no longer fit so I get what you are saying about not getting enough use out of your clothes.