Thursday, July 25, 2013

Where has my memory gone to?

Away. The answer is that my memory has gone..AWAY! In my update post, I mentioned several things we had been up to and places we had gone to. We, then I, actually went several other places than previously mentioned and can't believe I forgot! How could I?! One visit was to visit my dearest friend Amy (who, if you remember cheered me up with this basket) Everyone needs a Friend Amy (she deserves a title) and I have one! And guess what else? At the beginning of the year, Friend Amy and her sweet hubby moved to a small town on the Oregon coast, (a little over 3 hours away) and ever since, we haven't seen as much of each other. Anyway, we were able to go visit them and their cute coastal town in May and it reminded me how much I miss my Friend Amy! It was soooo good to catch up with each other and to explore that part of the Oregon Coast. Poor Brent had to work a lot that weekend, so Friend Amy was our bonafide tour guide most of the time. She took us to see some of the local coast, then the beautiful Umpqua lighthouse (where you can stick your head inside the light of the lighthouse.....BEAUTIFUL!!), along with a pretty good museum and an awesome, hole-in the wall bakery (don't remember the name but Amy and I bought pink pigs that were like homemade twinkies!!). Then we went four wheeling on the beach, built a bonfire and caught up some more (along with some hot dogs,beer and marshmallows.)

The Umpqua lighthouse (coast guard housing is stationed around it)

Friend Amy and I!!

Aaron and I

The view from inside the lighthouse lamps
The piggy twinkies...mine is on the right :)

My beautiful, sparkly nails- compliments of Friend Amy

Hanging out around the bonfire after four-wheeling

So that was one awesome trip I failed to metion, BIG TIME! Again, how could I? I can't wait to see them again!

Another one I spaced was a few weeks after that. I went with my family to a graduation party of a little girl I used to babysit. We camped out in my parents new travel trailer (nice!) and then went to a "grunguation party." What's a grunguation party? Well, we were told the theme was to dress grunge (like Nirvana-90s-grunge) or so we thought. My family went all out and dressed the part. However, we were the ONLY ones dressed up in grunge. Embarrassing and funny and never again!
My version of grunge

My sister and I hanging out as 2 of the 4 grunge members at the grunge party...haha!

My cute parents

My sister and I dressed in real clothes

And there you have it! Two more trips done in the time I was away!!

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