Monday, April 9, 2012

The end.

Finally...finally, I have reached the end of the hundred day, no-shopping challenge.
My last day was actually Saturday, but I literally had no time to really shop until today.
I'm so proud of myself that I managed to do something, or in this case, not do something for over 3 months!
It wasn't always easy, but it wasn't all that hard either.
Sure I had days where I felt maybe I could die a sad girl because I didn't impulse buy a shirt that was "so cute!"  But I had others where I realized I needed to find things to do other than shop and was completely okay with it.
But the strangest thing has happened.  Did you notice I said I didn't have time to shop to celebrate my last day of therapy?
The "old Whitney" would have made time, would have sacrificed everything to buy something...anything!
Now? I can't find a thing I want to add to my closet.
The price is too high, the skirt to clingy, the top makes me look bad, the tank does nothing for me....I now have standards of what I will buy.
It has to fit me now.  It has to match at least two other things in my closet.  The quality has to be pretty good, but I also don't want to pay much for it.
I'm so very glad I put myself in check and did this challenge.  I'm not going to lie, I've missed shopping, but I've also really liked the money left over after bills to do other things too!
With that being said, I have a little shopping trip down the road and hope to find something that is worthy to add to my existing clothes.
If not? No big deal....there is always plenty more to work with.


Amy Lou said...

Congrats... You made it!!!

Whitney said...

@AmyLou...Thanks chica!