Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Have I ever told you....

  • that I've been stumped and don't know what to write in this blog anymore?
  • that I'm back to rambling/blogging at a snail's pace?
  • that I have become a bonafide, dark-beer drinker (what?!)  and I now crave it? moderation of course.
  • Aaron and I get carded 98% of the time by people WAY younger than us (still irritating)
  • that we agreed to throw ourselves a small party when we are not asked for our ID FIVE (5) times in a row?
  • that we realize this may take us a very long time?
  • that I work in a dental office with an amazing candy drawer?
  • that every single one of us in the office visit the drawer at least twice a day?
  • blue is my favorite color?
  • I can't stop buying things that are blue?
  • I love/hate Spring?  Love it because Winter is over and everything new is coming up/out.  Hate it due to my raging allergies.
  • after reading my multiple posts regarding my love of shopping, my mother told me she thinks I need therapy?
  • I thought she may be right for two seconds and then realized I'm like every other girl out there? Completely normal....
  • I HATE washing dishes and would rather clean my toilet?
  • we miss Ireland more than we ever thought we would?
  • I used to turn my nose up to bananas and jalapenos and now I can't get enough of them?
  • that I always butcher "idioms" (aka common phrases or sayings) and say things like "she was riding the fence" instead of just "on the fence."
  • babies with A LOT of hair when they are born kinda' gross me out?
  • that I don't feel that last statement makes me a bad person but maybe a little bit quirky?


Jessie said...

LOL I love you! lol ... and I LOVE babies with a lot of hair... but I understand it is strange to see a little baby with lots of hair:)

Miss you guys. Come see us:)

Whitney said...

@Jessie! Aww! We miss you too and I'm glad you love me :) Someone's