Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Thinking

As I was flipping through the March issue of 'Self' magazine I came to the very last page where there is a monthly feature: "a moment for yourself."  The picture on this page shows a clear, blue sky with puffy clouds and bright yellow flowers stretching to meet the sun-  so it definitely caught my eye.  I usually pause and think "Hmm, okay..." and move on.  But this one made me stop and think for a minute.  Here's what it said:

"We allow ourselves to appreciate the beauty of nature- flowers, whatever the length of their stem or the shape of their petals; clouds in the sky, however wispy or puffy - so why don't we treat ourselves with the same admiration?  Just like every bloom, blade of grass or ray of sun, we are beautiful.  Sometimes, you have to slow down long enough to let that sink in."

This seems to make sense.  Every year when Spring rolls around, it causes me to become acutely aware of the beauty on Earth (especially after ugly Winters in our town).  The chirping birds, clear skies, buds on trees and blossoming buds continue to cheer me on and brighten my spirits.  That I can identify with.  However, what stood out to me was the idea that it is just as important to find something...anything of beauty in ourselves and enjoy it to that magnitude...even if for a minute.  What an idea that is for me!

And that is as deep as it gets for me today. 

The End.

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