Friday, June 29, 2012

After shot

ALAS! A single (and very important) house project has been completed!
You may, or may not, depending on how long you've been with me, remember the idea of hanging pictures above our "new" TV chest.  For those of  you not familiar, here is a link to refresh your memory
(I will also add a few before and after pics here in a sec.)
So for those of you a little too lazy to hop on the link above (no judgement from the peanut gallery), here is an inspiration picture found off this lovely website:

I really loved the idea of staggering framed pictures all over the wall, yet still incorporating the big ol' TV.
Here is what we started with:

Frankly? A little too boring for my taste.
So we decided to display photos we took while in Ireland last year.
First, we had to choose the pictures AND the frames, then decide how to arrange them.  Once we did that, we laid the frames out on a piece of paper to make sure we liked the layout. Then we chose pictures and how we wanted those grouped.

Once we were satisfied with the arrangement, we traced the outline of the frames, hung the paper up on the wall and then placed nails right through the outlines on the paper. 
This is what we ended up with:
We are quite pleased with the result, and now I can't help but stare at the pictures instead of the TV.
Now I need to add something to sit on the cabinet that adds a bit more color.....


Jessie said...

Love it! It's amazing how hanging a little something on the wall really finishes of a room

melissa311 said...

Ooh, Looks great!! And great idea for hanging a whole wall of pics!!