Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A case study in T-Rex arms

Let's face it.  There are some serious issues out there that should be addressed and quite frankly, usually are.
But the issue I'm going to cover today is a very real, and not very serious epidemic.  It is what is known as "T-Rex arms."
Hmm?  What was that? You've never heard of it?
That's because very few people (okay, two...TWO people)  in the world think they have it.
One is me and the other is my sister. 
And It. Is. Real.
Still not sure what I'm blogging on about?

Let's look at figure 1.A. (from pinterest of course...) shall we?

and then another case in figure 1.B:

    Now let's focus on figure 1.C.

poor T-Rex only wanted to do a push up...

And now figure 1.D

This one was sent to me in an e-mail by a concerned person who
recognized the T-Rex characteristic I possess....
Still not sure what the what I'm talking about?
Uber-short arms people.....Uber short arms.
Let's watch a video on it now:

   Do you see the social dysfunction, the confusion and pain T-Rex arms can cause?
All you normal-arm-length people really had no idea, did you?!
I just had to get that out there....and now I feel better.
Except...did I mention I also have a giant head just like a T-Rex too?
Oh no.....more on that later.

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Jessie said...

You're so funny! Miss you!