Sunday, October 21, 2012

My outfit Monday

I lost interest in putting outfits together, wearing any jewelry or trying to look cute.
What can I say? My activities this past month have not required much of an "ensemble."
There was a weekend of camping and wearing "camp clothes", then wearing scrubs all week for work, a weekend of being sick and laying around in my sweatpants and NO makeup, followed by another week of scrubs.
Last weekend, my attitude towards my wardrobe changed. We went out of town to visit some friends and ended up going to some places I probably should've dressed up for.  Since I was still stuck in "slob mode" I didn't.  I ended up packing outfits that ended up looking like I was still camping.
So today, I took some inspiration from both Pinterest (how pin-spiring (ha ha)..) and another source (not sure where this the second photo is from.) 

Outfit of Pinterest:

Second outfit idea:

My take:
Cardi: Old Navy; Tank: Wal-mart; Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy
I'm loving this striped skirt and think I will have fun making it a Fall/Winter skirt.  Oh the possibilities.  I also happen to own a bright yellow skirt and could maybe pair it with this same cardigan I'm wearing here for an outfit that more resembles the Pinterest outfit.  Again...oh the possibilities!
Stay tuned!

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Jessie said...

Looks cute!... saw a skirt like that yesterday and the girl was wearing bright purple tights....