Monday, December 10, 2012

Be still my Ginger heart

I feel like I'm meant to love ginger(s).
Why? Well several movies with red-headed girls as the main characters were a pretty big thing growing up.
In fact, one of my favorite was "Annie", featuring an singing-orphaned-ginger.
The sun will come out, tomorrow indeed...

Little Orphan Annie, as pictured here
As I grew a little older, I was fascinated (didn't love her...she kinda, really, annoyed me) with Pippy Longstockings. She was so peppy and definitely marched to the beat of her own drum, but she wore the best striped tops ( I love stripes) and mis-matched clothes before fashion blogs made it cool.

What's not to be annoyed with in this picture
Then as I grew older, I found out just how much I love ginger- in the form of these spicy candies called Ginger Chews...soooo good!

After that, I figured since I liked these candies so much, I may as well try some ginger beers (not to be confused with ginger ale, I'm told, though I have no idea why.)  It was spicy and refreshing. 

Reed's ginger beer- one I've tried that I love!
 From that point on, I became hooked on all things ginger.
Including "ginger" babies.  I LOVE babies with red hair!!
( I thought about posting a picture of a red-headed baby, but figured that would be creepy and weird, since I don't have any in my family, groups of friends or co-workers and would have to google an image and end up with some random child....not gonna happen).
After all of that, I hope you now have a more complete picture of just how much I love ginger.  I feel the need, to tell you that I felt the need, to tell you all of that, to tell you this:
I made ginger beer (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) in my kitchen last night and am crazy excited about it!  It was from Coopers ginger beer kit from Australia, two packs of raw sugar and a couple very important being love.
I decided to name it "the Orphannie ginger beer" after lil' orphan Annie.
What have I got to lose?

  Aaron (my personal brew-master) instructed me along the way and helped do all of the "technical stuff."
I can't wait to taste it and see if it's hot as I like it.  Also, I've never had an alcoholic ginger beer, so this should be interesting!
The bad news is,  I have to be patient and wait a whole 3 weeks to taste both versions.  Talk about killing my slowly.  But I'll let you know how it tastes (if you remind me and ask) when that time comes!

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