Thursday, October 31, 2013

No more sweatshirts!!

(unless they're really cute, am I right?)

So...Before I begin my originally intended post (hint: it has to do with sweatshirts and clothes) I thought I would share one little thing. You see, today is day two off trying to get crafts and things done around the house while I have a couple days off from work. Yesterday, I showed you one of my completed crafts: the new and improved gumball machine! I also happened to make a pair of anchor earrings.  I like simple jewelry and  I've always loved the nautical theme, so these turned out to be just what I wanted.

And here is the end result:

So now that I'm finished showing you my second finished craft, I'll get to my original post idea.  Besides crafts and getting things done around the house, I've also been watching a lot of  What Not To Wear, much to Aaron's chagrin.  He hates the show with a passion..but I digress. I, on the other hand, love the show and have since my dear friend Amy and I used to watch it together.  For those not familiar with the show, I'll catch you up.  It teaches women (who need a little/ a lot of help) to see what clothing, hair and makeup decisions they should and shouldn't be making via a wardrobe and physical makeover. I've always loved clothes and shopping, and have A LOT of clothes busting out of my closet.  But this show holds a special place in my heart because I've never really been sure what I should and shouldn't be shopping for. It's simple.  I buy a lot of what I like (like sweatshirts...) and have noticed I have a lot of repeats in my closet (like sweatshirts). But, because of this show, I'm finally figuring out what I should AND shouldn't be keeping in my closet and shopping for. What I mean is, I need to find more age and body appropriate clothing to wear for me instead of what looks great on everyone else.

At this point, my closet is bulging at the seams because I love so many of my clothes and have had them for years.  Some of them don't fit.  I'm sure some of them aren't even in style anymore, but I can't seem to get rid of them.  Because of that, my closet really is stressful and overwhelming!

So, I've decided that it is time to raid my closet (AGAIN) and be critical, but in a good way! I will ask myself: Does it fit? Does it flatter me? Does the color look good on me? Have I worn in within the past 12 months? Is it age-appropriate? The last question is a big one for me, because I'm used to dressing "cutesy".  But just recently, I realized that not all of my clothes work for me anymore. I'm 32 and still have some outfits that make me look 12.  Oops.

So, in an effort to simplify and unclutter and de-stress my life, I'm off to clean my closet so that I don't end up in a humiliating and amazing future episode of What Not To Wear.

I'll cover my hair and makeup on another day.  That's a whole other issue!

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