Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 50 of the never-ending challenge

Yes it is only day 50 of my 100 day challenge
and yes I'm afraid I will drag this "no shopping" theme into my blog posts for as long as I prevail.
After all, I'm not one to suffer in silence.  I like to make others aware of my misery (at the very least), if not miserable themselves.
But enough of that!
How have I done so far?
I haven't caved yet!
I'm really doing okay......yes, okay with this whole thing.
So far.
But I've come to realize what I miss the most and I have to admit I'm surprised.
I don't miss malls, internet shopping or amazing retail stores of that type but
I miss my thrift shopping!?  Yes, despite the screaming kids and some creepy clothes that should be tossed, I miss finding some awesome, one of a kind deals that give me serious street cred.
I miss is so much that I'm pretty sure a little part of me dies every time I read on someone else's blog that their shirt or skirt has been thrifted!
What?! Lucky....

But alas, I have started a list of things I'd like to be on the look out for when I can shop again.
Here's my little listy-loo:

A mint colored A-line skirt


A black blazer

Yellow flats


and last but not least.....
A navy polka dot dress (or shirt or skirt...or both) AND a yellow cardigan

 And that my friends is all I can think of tonight!
Only 50 more days to go!

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Amy Lou said...

I saw these yellow flats in person at the DSW Store in Eugene and fell in love, I have decided that they should be your first purchase when your "shopping detox" is over! (Code: You NEED them!)