Monday, February 27, 2012

My outfit Monday

Today marks the 61st day of my "shopping detox."
(AAK! Has it really only been 11 days since my last post on this subject?! COME ON!!!  This thing is taking FOR-EV-ER...)
Since I'm on the subject of not shopping, I felt I should also inform you that I went to a town highly loaded in retail stores and did not buy one single article of clothing OR accessory.  Thank you.  Thank you very much!
I was and am pretty proud of myself, although Aaron is to be credited as well.
You see he text me to come pick him up at the exact moment I was briefly "checkin' out" the Jason Wu collection at Target.
Coincedence? Probably.....
So anyway, here's the outfit I conjured out of my own closet out of my own brain.
Earrings: Etsy, Cardigan: Gap, Blouse: Ann Taylor-thrifted
Skirt: J. Crew, Tights:??, Shoes: Madden Girl- ??

Sorry don't get to claim all all of the brain still works.....sometimes.


Amy Lou said...

Outfit= Simply Adorable, & Yay for shopping your closet!
61st Day Of Shopping Detox= U are amazing, hang in there its almost over!

That's it! said...

That is a darling outfit!

Whitney said...

@Amy Lou and That's it! I forgot to say "thanks!"