Monday, September 3, 2012

My outfit Monday

My photos still leave much to be desired
(is that the way the phrase goes...?)
The location, focus and poses are just not right.
But to be honest, I can't promise improvements will be made anytime soon.
 We'll See.  In the meantime, here are a couple recent summer outfits.

Top: Maurices; Shorts: Old Navy (old); Shoes: Payless (old)

Pay no attention to the mess in the background of the next photo.  It's called my closet...and it is a messy one.  I can only wonder who could have done this to an otherwise ship-shape closet.  But as a side note, we had guests and I felt silly snapping photos of myself when they were around....thus the closet.

Cardigan: Maurices; Top: Maurices(old)
Skirt: Old Navy; Shoes: Old Navy (old)


gillianbee said...

I love your style. We should go shopping together sometime! Wink, wink.

Whitney said...

@gillianbee- not sure that would work. We may break into a fight over who will buy the same item we were both looking the exact same time :)

Amy Lou said...

Whitney, I loved your striped skirt with that pop of kelly green, it looked FAB on you!