Monday, September 17, 2012

My outfit Monday

Slowly, but surely, every. single. pound. I lost a couple years back has returned.
(maybe you didn't even know I had lost poundage, but I did)
I'm not sure when OR how...but those cursed pounds are back.
And so are the loose and "comfy" clothes.
Case in point:

Cardigan: Maurices; Dress: JC Penneys
Shoes: TJ Maxx

Anyway,  I decided to tell you the above story because it's my way of explaining why outfit posts have been so sparse and why they probably will be for a while.  You see, I 'm not loving my non-maternity, maternity outfits, the way they fit, OR even the pictures I see of them or myself in them right now.
Please don't see this as a cry for sympathy or even that I'm really feeling bad about things, or myself.
Nope.  Neither of those really.
The above story (and picture) is also a reminder to myself of what needs to be done and a way to move me (once again) into a forward motion.
Pretty simple.  Just like this ol' outfit.

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