Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Finds

Aaron has created a monster.
Yes, I will blame him this time.  You see, despite the fact that I have far too many clothes already, it was still his idea to stop by Goodwill.  Who was I to say no?
Okay, I can't really blame the poor guy for creating something that wasn't there.  I've always loved to shop and can really never get enough of it.  So now I channel it into thrift shopping, where the cost is low and good things can still be found!

Here's what I found:
An Old Navy cardigan in the perfect shade!

Another Old Navy Gem- perfect for Spring/Summer

A tan blazer! I've been looking for one for so long!

Yet another striped shirt from Land's End.  I can see this becoming a favorite!
Have you ever tried thrift shopping? If so? Are you hooked?
I am....


That's it! said...

I always see your amazing thrift shop finds and wonder how you do it. I have never had that much success. Well honestly I haven't tried in a long time because of past unsuccessful trips. Maybe I should try it again.

Whitney said...

Yes! You have to literally pick through everything! Sometimes you go home with nothing but that is very rare!