Friday, February 1, 2013

Poor man's (and woman!) anniversary

January 31 marked the official anniversary of our marriage.
(that was yesterday.)
We've been together, for better and for worse for nine years now.
Since our anniversary fell on a Thursday, we decided to celebrate with a bottle of champagne and a nice dinner last night, then carry on in our own humble way today.
Funds are low this year, so we decided to "lay low" financially.  Translated, that means no out of town trips and watch the spending! So we decided to spend some time doing little activities together in our town. 

 So, this morning we started out by sleeping in. I love sleeping in.  I then decided to make breakfast: a dried cherry popover, bacon and coffee with a splash of Irish cream (gift from my parents).
I've been wanting to go thrift-shopping lately.  I've been reading way too many blogs with the ladies hitting thrift stores and have been feeling left out.  So I decided to start out at Goodwill.
I snagged a couple of good things, but was a little disappointed with the rest of the selection.
Old Navy hooded sweatshirt.

a vintage I.Magnin sweater skirt...80's cool!
 No matter, there is always another day.
We then went straight to Moore Park.
This park holds a little history for us.  Not only was our first official date at this park, but later on Aaron proposed to me on the same steps.
Our first photo from our first "official" date at Moore Park 
I read of an idea somewhere to return to where your first date was and take photos.  I thought it was a great idea.  So we decided to pack my tripod and camera and try it out.
Here are some of the photos:

From there, we decided to try a new "gourmet" food truck named "Mac and Cheese Steak."
There we ordered the special: mac and cheese steak sandwich ( a steak sandwich with mac and cheese on top), chocolate covered bacon and Ntella creme brulee.  We decided it was pretty good, but maybe not amazing.
Then we hit up the local Portland Street Market...again, to pick out a couple bottles of beer: an Oyster stout and some other type of beer for Aaron and a bottle of sassy-sweet wine for me!

After that, we went to Ross and found some curtains that would work for our redecorated room.
Then we were done.
We ran out of places to go....what can I say? It's tough to do much when it's Winter in a small, culture-less town with little money!
So we returned home, did a couple things around the house then ate grilled cheese, drank our beer and watched some movies together.
But we still had fun doing things we normally wouldn't do and just being together.
Now on to year 10!


That's it! said...

Happy late anniversary. Love the new pictures. And the old picture is adorable. Wish I had a picture of our first date.

Whitney said...

Thanks so much! The pictures are always fun to take!