Sunday, January 27, 2013

The "new" guest and/or office!

It has come to my attention that I have a terrible habit of starting something (like a craft project, trip or even a sentence) and never really finish it.  I've also noticed that I do this with blog entries.
For example, a while back, I mentioned that we were working on our guest room/office.  I then promised pictures of the room after we had finished.  
Did I ever do it?  No......
So I decided to break the cycle of unfinished business and share some of that with you right now!  I mentioned before that we painted both the walls and ceiling, and replaced the light fixture.  We also ripped out the old carpet and installed a new laminate and base boards, which match the rest of the house pretty well. The room isn't decorated just yet, but I'll share with you the before and after pictures.
I hope you like it! But if not? That is okay too, because we do. And as far as our house is concerned, that's really all that matters. Hehe.

The Before:
Notice the lovely shade of ice blue
The After:

I hope to show you the end product too, after we add some furniture back in!
But we'll see how that goes....


Amy Lou said...

Love, love, love the gold trees! Can't wait to see the end product!

That's it! said...

The trees are awesome. Did you paint those?
It all looks great.

Whitney said...

No we didn't paint them, they are decals we found at ebay! Thanks so much to both of you ladies for the nice compliments!