Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring is in the air

I've always had a love/hate relationship with spring.  Allow me to explain before you judge me as a bitter and wholly negative individual.  After all, who doesn't like spring?  Nature certainly has a "thing" for it. 

Here's what I adore (not just like) about spring: the longer days accompanied with the warm sun, the chirping birds, new spring buds and vibrant green grass that carpets the terrain.  I enjoy spring so much that I always thought I would like to be married in spring. 

However, there's this one thing that held me back from getting married in and declaring spring as my favorite season of them all: my insane, hateful allergies.  I don't just sneeze a little and my nose doesn't just run a little.  I do all things that pertain to allergies A LOT and I do them well.  So much so that I feel like I have a full-blown cold until spring decides my misery is over, changing all of the buds into whatever they're supposed to turn into.  There.  Now you know.  That is why spring will not be my favorite.  Not too bad, right?

Despite that, I try to enjoy the season and all it offers as much as I can. 

Enough about me....Look what I found!

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jennifer said...

I understand you pain and can sincerely sympathize. :/ My allergies started about 3 years ago. And this year was the worst! I had to start taking my allergy drugs back in january, when we had those warm days....I feel your pain