Friday, May 6, 2011

The lady of Shalott..

I've been listening to the radio A LOT lately and due to that have learned of some new songs I'm luh-ving!  For those who hate country, stop reading.  For those that don't mind it, or better yet, actually like it check these out.

This first one I automatically like because it totally reminds me of the "dramatic" scene from Anne of Green Gables where she takes the boat out into the water and ends in"..the lady of Shallot."  Any-hoo, here's the equally touching and super-great video from "The band Perry":

Then there's this one from Jarrod Niemann.  I just like the sound of the harmony with the faint-girl singer (although I don't love the video). 

And last but not least, a song from Glee that is awesome simply because of all the acoustic guitars:

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