Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just another reason to shop

Some girls dress up all sexy to "go out" for the night.  Other girls come home after work and instantly change into their sweat pants and random T-shirt.

I have something in common with other girls and that something is the sweatpants.  Guilty as charged.

But I'm not rolling over and giving up just yet (although I plan to crawl into bed and do just that in a few minutes here...) I'm trying to be more put together in all walks of my hum-drum life and that even includes my lounge-wear.

Please do not be alarmed....some people think I'm referring to lingerie when I say lounge wear.  I am not.  I don't even know what lingerie really is....a doily?  Sheer curtain? What?! No I'm talking about comfy clothes that you wouldn't be humiliated to be caught in if someone came a knockin' on your door...or you had to evacuate your home- that kind of thing.

So I've been on the look out for some cute (to me) lounge wear that doesn't look like I've completely given up all the way 100% ....yet.

Following is what I'm on the look-out for.  If you see anything comparable (especially these cute sweater leggings) at a reasonable price please let me know.  You could be saving my lounge-fashion life!


J Crew

J Crew (currently sold out online...)

Okay I know this ensemble from Eddie Bauer is more PJ like
but still cute and comfy AND not sweatpants


Anthropologie.  Would be cute with leggings, no?

So there are some of my ideas of what I could do to improve upon operation lounge wear.  Any other (helpful and modest) ideas would be much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Those printed J. Crew leggings are To. Die. For!

Amy Lou said...

I like that sweater from anthropology, and YES it would be super cute with leggings!