Monday, December 19, 2011

My highly exciting day

Today I agreed to run to the post office to pick up a package for A-dog.
I told him I was dreading it because the local post office is always uber busy this time of year.
He said I didn't have to worry about standing in line because there is a "pick up" line at the post office.
I said "perfect."
Nope.  Not so perfect after all.
This is what I felt like when I rounded the corner and the post office came in sight.


 I couldn't find a parking spot to save my life so I drove around the block again and found an opening in the '15 minute parking' area.
I took it and went inside.
Surely this wouldn't take over 15 minutes, right?
I looked for the pick up line and discovered it was closed.
Do you get tickets for going over 15 minutes?
I figured I would find out.


So....I stood there for a minute just hoping the line would open.
It did not.
So.....I went to the very back of the very stoic and very unhappy looking line wrapped around the post office.
Trust me, I wasn't smiling either.
I stood there for a couple of minutes and then heard a voice behind me say "anyone here for pick ups?"

My little ears perked up and I screamed (okay so I didn't really scream but I was way more excited than I should've been) "I AM!!"
I only waited a couple more minutes, got my mail, high-tailed it out of there and sped off.
And that?
That was my highly exciting day.
I know! I know...Crazy!!
Don't worry, I'll be more careful next time.

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