Monday, December 12, 2011

On the road again- part two

     I should've crawled out of bed early and worked out.  Didn't.
I should be working out now.  Won't.  Instead I'll tell you about day two of our weekend trip. Yesterday was all about the coast and today will be all about what we did in Portland.

     I SUPER LOVE PORTLAND.  It's a city (and what a city it is) but it's just unique enough in it's architecture and surroundings to make you forget you are in the city.  There is such a great energy and mix of people that you never really stand out as a tourist, maybe because everyone is involved in doing their own thing to even notice you.  Nevertheless, I don't think I would ever be bored in Portland....I just don't think it's possible.

     One reason is because of all the McMenamins scattered around Portland like little gems.  For those not acquainted yet with what McMenamins is here is a very brief rundown: two brothers started buying up run down and/or historic buildings with the idea to keep the history of the building (and all the people who made the buildings what they were/are) alive but also to re-introduce it in new venues- such as hotels, restaurants/pubs, movie houses and places to simply hang out.  They are amazing and fun and I always feel like Alice in Wonderland trying to figure out what pictures and sculptures around me means and eating and drinking all the delightful goods (plus they make a delicious hard cider that I can't get enough of!)
     This time around we stopped by the Kennedy School, Baghdad theatre and Edgefield. 

Inside an old classroom (now a room to stay) at Kennedy

In one of the many hallways of Kennedy
     If interested, just visit the McMenamin's website for more info and pictures of any one of their places.  I don't think you will be sorry!

     Another thing that makes me love Portland is the amazing Powell's books.  It too is amazing!  It is a four story, full city-block-wide book store with countless books on every topic you can think of.  I could spend hours there perusing all the floor and topics that interest me.  Sadly I only spent an hour there this time. There's always next time!
You actually need a map to get around Powell's at first!

Those are just a few of the MANY things we enjoy going to do in Portland.....hope you can check it out for yourself sometime!

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Sheri-o said...

O. My.GOLLY.GEE. I LOVE McMENAMENS KENNEDY SCHOOL!!!!!! We stayed in the Hopscotch and Marbles room. Most truly one of my most favorite memories!!!