Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Short and sweet?

Ever since I had my hair cut short in April of this year I've toyed with the idea of going shorter.   But I always managed to talk myself out of it and stayed "content" with a trim.

But this past weekend I decided to just go for it and cut it a bit shorter. 

Snip by snip my hair did get shorter.  And I thought I was prepared but I, I was wrong.

Here's kinda' what I was going for:

Jenna Elfman via
 And here's what I got:

I like the Elf's better.  However what I ended up with is not terribly different from what I already had so I'm kind of used to it.  But I think to go even shorter before I decide to grow it out could be fun too.

It may get to the point where I have no hair left at all.

But don't get too worked up.  It may never happen. 

If it does?  It will be a while and you'll be the first to know...........


Anonymous said...

I think this looks great on you. But a pixi would be SOOO fun! Haha, I'm not helping you stay out of that salon chair am I?

Whitney said...

@threadsandbuttons Thank you so much! The pixie is what I'd like to try now.

Amy Lou said...

T'is a cute hair-do on you! In the future I vote Pixie too!

Whitney said...

@Amy LouI'm going to do it....eventually!