Friday, January 11, 2013

Lady in Red

Again, why didn't I embrace colored tights earlier?
To me, they make a plain outfit a little less ordinary.
(well that and my bib necklace...)
Now I want some turquoise and purple ones.  Maybe some in all colors of the rainbow.
I never know when to stop.

Sweater: Gap
Cami: Maurices
Necklace: Royal Touch (local boutique)
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: Payless Shoes
Shoes: Famous Footwear

As a side note, I feel compelled to tell you that while I was writing this post, I was wondering where my other shoe went (notice there is only one in the picture above.)
So I went searching and found it, in the washing machine with my scrubs.
It was soaking wet and a bit crushed.
So now they are stuffed full of rags, sitting in front of the heater.  I'm hoping for a speedy recovery.
We shall see.

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