Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Get outta' here, 2012!

I've never been one to be too excited about another new year rolling around.
I understand the excitement, what with new beginnings, fresh starts and all, but have never been one to subscribe to it myself.
But for some reason, I hope this year (for those not acquainted: the year 2013) is a little different.
Just one day separates 2012 from 2013, but I've been ready to dismiss 2012..to say goodbye forever.  It was not my favorite year and became less and less so down to the very end.
 I'm ready for a fresh start.
This month not only brings in a new year, but another year of marriage (9 years) and my birthday (32 for those still counting.) This month I will begin the year a little older, a little wiser and just plain ready to move forward.
So in honor of turning 32, I've made a list of 32 goals ( I don't do resolutions....but I still do what I want..haha) that I would like to embark upon- some big and some definitely small.

Here goes:
  • Learn how to apply makeup that results in a good cat eye
  • lose at least 40 pounds
  • continue (and hopefully finish) my "women of the bible" project (for those of you not familiar: find, read, research and meditate on the examples of all the ladies in the bible.)
  • revamp my blog
  • simplify my life by taking on/in less of everything that should make no difference to me
  • take more "date nights"
  • take a much needed vacation
  • Continue to push myself outside of my comfort zone (I signed up for a "boot-camp" at a local gym and I'm really nervous!)
  • Talk less
  • Listen more
  • Go to an awesome concert
  • Go on a sister-trip with only my sister, of course
  • Read the bible and meditate more
  • Finish decorating a few rooms
  • Shop for clothing less (repeat after me: I have enough!)
  • Sew more clothes
  • Learn how to knit more than a scarf
  • Try to make new friends (It's harder than it sounds!)
  • Continue to cultivate the old friendships. They are more than worth it!
  • Learn more about wine
  • Find my favorite wine
  • Learn how to tile a wall
  • Spend more time with family
  • Experience a symphony
  • Sew a quilt
  • Make more jewelry
  • Smile more
  • Consume less sugar
  • Eat more veggies
  • Run another 5K and beat last year's time
  • Think about and do more for others
  • Exercise patience
I've already started working on a few of these things.  It could be more interesting on this blog if I do actually complete some of these things and choose to blog about them.

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gillianbee said...

Totes down with the sister trip! <3