Monday, February 21, 2011

An Essay: In pictures: What I did over the weekend

  As mentioned before, we took an impulsive trip to California.  Here are a few pics of what we did when we were there ( don't mind the quality....I'm looking into photo editing "stuff.")  Anyway!! Here we go........

After waking up semi-refreshed in the morning:

                                                     We finally met our "niece" Minnie:

   hung out with her AND her parents a bit

Tried out some beers (this is at Bear Republic in Healdsburg, Ca) at several different places, mostly in Santa Rosa...

We then sipped a few drinks we already knew we liked
Visited a few vineyards and sipped some wine the next day

We decided to take a break from sipping and decided to shop and then went home and did the stuff you do when you hang out. 

The next day we were introduced to one of my new favorite places.  If I was Oprah, it would be one of my favorite things and I would gift it to all.  I literally can't stop talking/thinking about the Francis Ford Coppola winery in Alexander Valley:

I fell in love.  There was a beautiful series of buildings and a simple outdoor venue

 A 1948 Tucker car from the movie "Tucker."

 And, memorabilia from the movie "Marie Antoinette"
Oh, and wine.  There was wine too ( I forgot to take a picture)
In one word it was: delightful!

At another vineyard, Trentadue in Alexander Valley, I both sipped and found some ports I couldn't leave behind.  I am now a proud owner of two(2) bottles and will both deny I have the bottles in my possession and guard them with my life at the same time!  I feel so adult, me with my port! Ha!

We then had to get in the car and head home...another end to another great weekend!  We'd like to thank Milly and Jesse again for their hospitality!  We look forward to seeing you soon!  Portland maybe?


gillianbee said...

but what did you get me?

wddesign said...

mmmm... yes, Port! In a nice large round glass you can swirl around before you take just a sip to reminisce during the moments till your next sip. Ahhhh.

Sounds like you had a great time, so did we. Enjoyed the pic of the 'niece',our 'grand dogger' and the other places.We agree-the Coppola spread is pretty neat-all the movie memorabilia, cabanas etc.