Friday, February 18, 2011

"You're crazy...."

"No you're crazy!" That's the common "argument" heard around our house.  We don't actually mean it (most of the time) but it seems to happen more than not.  My take on things is that we're both a little crazy and that's why we work so well.  Want to hear what else is crazy? Okay, I'll tell you!  Thursday night after I got of work ( and back from some shopping....shh, don't tell!)  Aaron and I went out on a date night. We started talking about our plans for the up and coming weekend.  We didn't really have anything going on and to make a long story short we made a last minute decision to drive to Cali to visit family.  Fast forward 1/2 hr.  We had packed and were pulling out of town at 9 PM.  We drove all night and finally got to Aaron's sister's house at 3:30 am.  Is that crazy?  I think so too, but I can justify it by saying that it's a good crazy!  Have a crazy-good weekend, I know we will be!

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