Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's three o clock in the morning...

...and I can't sleep. 
So, I figured instead of rolling to one side, then the other, then flopping from my stomach to my back over and over again, that I would just get up and do something other than sleep... for now.
But when I can't sleep I have to be quiet, because I'm not the only one in the house.
Being quiet is especially difficult for me, so I thought I would occupy my time by looking through pictures.
Do you know what I realized?
I never finished sharing the highlights of our trip to Ireland.

Well, now is the time to finish with a few more highlights of the things we saw in Ireland.

First off a few pics of the many rock walls spread throughout Ireland.  There is definitely not a shortage of rocks in that country.
What do you do when you have too many rocks?  Make walls I guess.

Then we:
Saw the most impressive full- castle tour of Bunratty Castle
Beautiful scenery

Saw the king tut exhibit

Heard some live traditional/modern music in the oldest pub in Dublin,Ireland: Brazen head

Went shopping at Grafton Street (a very popular spot) in Dublin
(didn't buy anything due to the expensive price tags)

Toured the Jameson Distillery

Visited the historic Kilmainham gaol

Walked through some very old grave yards

Took a seriously impressive tour through the Waterford Crystal facility and saw this...

....and this

Walked through the oldest working lighthouse built built by monks
Then there were abbeys to be seen:

Walked through Boyle Abbey which was undergoing restoration

Then we toured great houses and their equally great gardens

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