Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday(Friday) finds- take 2

I had a brilliant-brain-storm-idea (yes!one of those ideas...the big kind) the other day. 
You see, I says to myself ( yes I said "says") "Self- wouldn't it be kinda' fun to do a theme type thing on a set day, like "Wednesday wants" or "Friday favorites?""
From that sprang an idea:
Friday finds (ta-DA).

But then the plot thickened...and when I say that I mean a problem arose.
You see, I usually have Fridays off to go a-hunting, but tomorrow?
Well tomorrow I gots to work (phlegh!)

But I didn't let that little obstacle stand in my way...
So, I stopped by the local goodwill today and did not return home empty handed. 

Here are my Thur-Fri finds:

I have a thing for Ann Taylor Loft AND black AND this type of fabric, so I made it mine for only $3.99.
The only downside is that it is made with a wool blend, so it's a bit too hot to wear yet, but come fall......

 Then I came across another black dress.  This is from J.Jill and usually runs over $40.  It's comfy and roomy, really more of a lounge around dress.  At $3.99, who cares?

This is an awful, blurry picture that makes the dress look like a shirt...but it's not all that bad!  Trusst me!

And remember how I was on the hunt for a blouse a lot like this?

First of all, I found one pretty close. 
But, I must confess two things: A) I did not find this today and B)  No, it wasn't at Goodwill, but another small store, Rue 21.  And while I'm confessing (again) I paid more than $3.99 for it.

It even came with a cute, woven belt.

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