Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just keep swimming

And now for one of life's lessons that I learned from a movie
(isn't that where we should learn them from?!)

Do you ever have to remind yourself to just keep moving forward
......Or maybe I should've said, swimming?

That's kind of how I've been feeling lately:  like little Mrs. Grumpy gills who doesn't want to swim anymore and instead would like to stay in her pjs all day.

But don't worry.  I didn't completely lose the point of the epic film "Finding Nemo."
I know fish don't wear pajamas AND after all was said and done, the orange fish (aka Nemo) kept swimming.
So have I. 
But I feel more like crazy Dori swimming along (singing and all) than stoic Nemo.
What. A. Fish.

And now to the point
(who said I had to move forward in a straight forward manner anyway?)
I have been getting out of my pjs and  have actually been working on a few projects.
I have not blogged about them.

So me letting you know what I've been up to is a part of me moving (I'm tired of saying swimming) forward.

Where to start? 
We've been driving here and there for what seems like the past month.  I'm kind of tired of it.
But all the driving has been for the greater good.
We've visited friends, attended our District Convention and bought a new to us car
(more about that in the future.)

Also, I have had a couple days off work this week and decided to catch up on, or rather, start some sewing projects.
(I didn't promise it would be interesting or exciting, now did I?)

First off, a pile of "needs to be mended" clothes, etc.

Would you believe that I managed to alter some of Aaron's slacks and that he could still wear them?  I am still quite proud of that!

After that I moved on to an apron inspired by a dish towel that wants to be an apron.

Here are the pieces I'm working with:

An old (but favorite) bleached and stained apron

 PLUS (+)

A new dish towel that  I could not leave at the store

EQUALING (so far...)
a semi-finished apron.

It's not done just yet, but I hope to have it finished and in use by the end of this week.
I can't wait to show you....unless it doesn't turn out, then I'll deny that it ever happened.

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