Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To all the "other girls"

     Dear other girls (or who I will lovingly refer to as "my people"),
     Hi.  How's it goin?  Hope this finds all of you doing well.  I'm just jotting down this note to let you know I'm thinking of you.
     I  also wanted to take a moment to stress that my last rant (aka my last post) was not meant to smear all women or declare that they are all evil.  I especially wanted to let you know that it was not about you (I hope you know who you are): those I hold near and dear in my life. 
     Neither was it my way of saying I wanted no friends at all.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I mean...do I seem like a crazy person? Wait.  Don't answer that.  I was just noticing about myself that it no longer kills me to not be part of the "in-crowd." (what, is this high school all over again?  Yes.  Yes, it is.)   In fact, I feel safer not being amongst such cliques these days.  Nowdays I choose to be around "my people."  In case you're wondering, my definition of my people is this: genuine people who care about others and are in your court no matter what choices (bad or good....withing reason) you make. 
 Basically my people are you.
     So now is when I'd like to express my appreciation to you: the mothers, sisters, friends and wives who I respect and admire.  Even if I've only known you a short time or even my whole life, I look forward to getting to know you and all you offer a little better.  You are each so unique and ever evolving. I feel blessed to have such awesome and supportive family and friends in my life.  You're all pretty amazing in my eyes and I'd like to thank you for being you.

     Say hi to your husband, brother, friend or dad for me and I hope to hear from you soon!




Unknown said...

XOXO, just curiouser, do you pronounce that
Zoh Zoh? and um. . . what does Zoh Zoh mean?

Sheri Terrell said...

Whit, Whit, Whit.... how did you get so wise and be so young? You are insightful and wise beyond yor years.