Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 16 and loving (hating) it

I know all five of you who regularly read this blog are dying to know how I'm doing on my
"no shopping"detox.
True to the title of this post, it's only day 16.  Upon finding that out I cried out loud " I can't believe it's only day 16. WHAT?!"
After my initial meltdown after realizing I will most likely not own a watch-necklace I've been coveting, I've done well.  Until today.
You see, I just got the new Spring 2012 Boden magazine in the mail and decided to flip through it for "fun."
Little did I know that my idea of fun would flip into my version of torture.
There are so many cute things in this catalog that I love.  I mean pretty much every stinkin' page contains at least one item I want.
Here's a super cute blouse that wants to live in my closet:

via Boden

But to be honest, the cost of many of the items is far beyond what I'm willing to spend anyway.
So at least I have that, right?

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Amy Lou said...

Hang in there Whitney... I'm so proud of you, your doing great on your detox! :)