Monday, January 30, 2012

My outfit Monday

It appears there is a week missing from this blog.
I could say that I have a really good reason for my abscence.
The computer deleted it.
I deleted it. 
But I don't even have enough creativity cards stored in my wee little brain to make up a legit reason.
I flat out don't have one other than I did nothing of interest and was thus uninspired.
There! Are you happy now?

But I did get I have that to start this week off right.

Cardigan: Gap; striped shirt: Old Navy;
orange tank: Maurices
Locket: gift
Skirt: Target; Boots: Bass Outlet

1 comment:

Amy Lou said...

This is one of my favorite skirts of yours, I love the colors in it... so many different options! I like this 'option' you put together! Cute necklace too! :)