Friday, January 6, 2012

Temptations all around me

Today I'm home alone and getting over being sick. AGAIN!
When I have days like this I have several options:
  1. Do nothing...always a viable option
  2. Do everything.  It takes a lot of time to catch up from the nothing days.
  3. Do some things and then play on the internet the rest of the day.
It is turning out to be the latter and there lies the temptation.
You see, as I travel the great, wide, web I stumble upon many things I want to buy.
Sometimes I even buy them.
Remember how I declared I'm placing myself on a no shopping challenge?
Yep.  I'm still doing that. And today is day 10 ( only 90 days to go!!).
So imagine my irritation when I got an email from ModCloth telling me a watch pendant necklace was back in stock.

And there is my big temptation.
I've agreed to buy nothing of the sort and so.....will not.
Can not.
I just had to share it with you! 
In fact if you like this thing go buy it, enjoy it and never EVER tell me.
What I don't know won't kill me.
But not buying it and knowing I could just may.


Jessie said...

Norman, our kitten, and miss Cressa are demanding now that we do nothing except feed you fish all day!

Whitney said...
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Whitney said...

@JessieOh I get it! The fish on my page.....super cute of them!!

Nuha said...

aghhh goodluck with your no shopping challenge! I should probably think about doing that :-)

Whitney said...

@NuhaThanks so much! It's going to be tough but I HAVE to do it :)