Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 25...

And I'm feelin' good

It has almost been a month since I started the no shopping challenge and so far I haven't been so tempted that I've found the need to talk myself off the ledge.
Of course it helps that I've hid my only remaining credit card so well that I can't even remember where it is.
But I can't take all of the credit.
And I shan't.
I get by with the help of my friends too!
You see, my dear friend Amy bought me the locket that almost killed me  for an anniversary gift..all without me even knowing it.
So that softened the blow of never thinking I could own another piece of new jewelry a bit.
I'm so excited about it!
I love it by the way and will be incorporating it into many an outfit.
Maybe all of them
(but not with my scrubs....ewww).
Also I have planned a celebratory day of shopping with a few girlfriends - to be done a few days after the challenge is complete.
The date is set.  Plans are set.  There is nothing I can do to alter the course now.
I just have to continue to not shop another 75 days and stay occupied in other  ways.

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