Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weightier Matters

Remember what it was like to go to a lake, river, or even the ocean and run to the edge to dip your toes just to be shocked by how cold it was? For me it felt like a jolt that raced through my body and made me yank my toes back out.  If you're like me, it also made me a little more apprehensive about doing it (or not) the next time.  But sometimes it is better to just not think too much about it and to just go for it: to take the plunge or dive in head (or feet) first.

That is what I'm doing today.
I'm taking the plunge.
Because I'm still not sure of what direction this little blog is taking, I've decided to add one more category to the ever-growing list of possibilities:
Weight loss.

Why oh why would I take this on?
Well, for me my weight has always been, and probably always will be an issue.
Here are the stone-cold facts:
I've always been "chunky" or "stocky."
I LOVE food.
I lose weight just to regain it
and, I often play for team lazy.

Also I've read that if you "go public" about making changes such as trying to lose weight you are often more successful.  The simple idea that others know makes you more accountable.
Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!  I want to be successful, but I'm not so sure about accountable!?

And that's the reason I started this post out the way I did. It was my way of letting you know that this hasn't been an easy decision to write this post.  Quite honestly I've written something along these lines several times to delete it and move on to another post.  My ever-present weight issue is frustrating and embarrassing.  I also have a feeling my weight is not a popular topic others will look forward to reading about.  I know and get it.
But I think I'm doing it more for me this time.

You see, this same time last year I started a similar endeavor with a friend and we both did very well.  We both lost a considerable amount of weight.  But I didn't keep up on my exercise and eating better.  I stopped exercising and then started making worse food choices.
Weight gain came with the poor choices and now I'm back to where I was last year.

So I'm starting it up again! 
Don't worry, this blog won't be a daily diary about what I ate and how I feel about what I ate and my choices.  I don't even want to read OR write that.
Instead, I'm going to try to make 1 post a month to let you (or just me) know how I'm doing.

I also hope to be more active and to try more things, both activity wise and food wise.  As I said, I LOVE food, so instead of eating nothing but rice cakes the rest of my life I also plan on trying out more healthy recipes and lightening up some old favorites.
I see it as hopefully making life changes instead of quick weight loss from diets or crazy exercise.

So without further ado, here's the first month picture:
I'm not super comfortable releasing my "start weight" but I'll definitely let you know how much weight I've lost and maybe (just maybe) let you know my start weight as I get the feel for how this idea is coming along.

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