Thursday, March 15, 2012

Only 22 days left.....

in this forsaken 100-no-shopping-challenge( I joke, I joke....a little bit) and I.Can't.Wait.To.Shop
(even if it is just a little a scarf or something)
I even pushed the envelope a bit and walked into an Old Navy with a friend.
It may be a bit like bringing a recovering alcoholic to a bar, not the best choice.
But I didn't cave!!  I was strong!
Afterwards I got back in the car where Aaron was waiting and said:
"Oh my goodness!  I want to buy SO much here!"
But then I was reminded just how many clothes I already own.
Case in point:

The upper right corner does not hold my clothes.....that's it.

So I'm trying to remind myself to stay content, to make new and exciting outfit combos
(although tough when things don't fit so well....)
I'll keep ya' posted if I pull this thing off!

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Unknown said...

I know KT clicked off 'cool' but do you suppose that there should be another option to click off? What?, you ask. 'Unbelievable' I say.

The monkey's uncle.