Friday, March 23, 2012

15 days and counting....

     Dear Shopping,

     I miss you.  Do you miss me? Have you thought about me?  I think about you . A. Whole. Lot.  Probably more than the healthy amount one should think about shopping, or anything for that matter.  Am I saying too much?  Now I'm a little embarrassed.  No I'm not.
     Well Shopping, I'm writing you today to let you know we will be together in 15 short days (that's 2 weeks and one day- psh...not like I'm counting or anything though.....)  Reunited, and it will feel so good (that sounds dirty but I don't mean any dirty business in saying that....this is a wholesome, unadulterated love shopping and I.AM. COMMITTED.  Or maybe should be committed?

     But I digress.  Shopping?!  Are you still reading this?  I'm sorry I took you for granted at times, but I really enjoyed our times spent together.  You were the one ran to for stress relief (HELLO blessed retail therapy!)  I miss you and I really feel like I learned my lesson.  I know now I need to treat you with respect and only call when I really need something...not because I'm bored or had a bad day.  No good comes of that.  At the end of the day, no one wants your emotional hand-me-downs, do they?
     So I just had to tell you how I really feel.  I wanted to let you know I'm a changed woman-girl and I look forward to seeing you soon!

                                                    Crazy,crazy Whitney


Amy Lou said...

Whitney, I must tell you: the other day I overheard "shopping" talking to "thrifting" and its missed you too and thinks about you often... It wants you back.... (in 13 days ofcourse!)

Whitney said...

I think I'm going crazy Amy!!! I figured Shopping :)