Tuesday, March 20, 2012

And next on a very special episode of "Hoarders"....

When is the accumulation of "stuff" too much?  And is too much of a good thing a bad thing?
Really, what is too much?!
These are questions I've been contemplating as I continue to try my hardest to simplify my life like a guy.
Lately I've been going through every room and cabinet in the house looking for stuff to get rid of.  But for me the act of getting rid of something is not always easy.
I'm a self diagnosed, class 1 hoarder.  What is that you may ask?
I think that means I have a fair amount of stuff but I'm not foraging paths with a shovel through my house...just yet.
Yeah, I have clothes in my closet from 8 years ago.....some of it not even touched for that long.  But they are cute.  They may fit again.  I already own it.
I only just realized today that 50% of girls don't even keep their clothes for 8 months
(I totally made up that stat...but it could be true?)
You see, I have things tucked in every corner of the house that I may need some day.
I even found, as I was cleaning out my "crap room" the little rustic wood boxes that gift packages of jam come in.  I remember thinking in the past it would be "cute to do something with?" and just now I thought to myself: get over it.  It's only a box.
However, while it hasn't always been easy,it has also been liberating as I've managed to let go of stuff and even make a little money off of some of it (always a plus!!)
My dark little rooms and cupboards are already looking larger....
And this my friends??  This is what's been going on with me lately and this is why posts have been scarce!
It is bleak.

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