Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 24 (only 6 days left)

{what I have learned this past month}

     I feel like December was an epic month for lessons, both big and small.  Let's start with the smaller lessons.  I fully embraced the fact that I'm a complete spaz and will always walk in to walls and trip on nothing.  I realized how much I hate the snow.  Beauty really is only skin deep and will leave as quickly as it's found.  I'm already feeling bored just writing this so I can only imagine how you feel reading this.  Let's cut it short.  Big lesson?  I have a lot to work on as far as I go.  What am I talking about?  I'm always striving to be a better, nicer person.  I saw the light so to speak and finally saw that I have some huge personality flaws that need to be patched.  I'll spare you the nitty-gritty details and won't share them even if you really want to know, but just had to tell you anyway.  So there.  I shared. 

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