Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 30 (alas..the last day)

{Goals for the future beyond the next year}

     I'd like to be more self-sufficient.  I don't mean I want to be a hermit or live miles from anyone/anywhere, but I'd like to be more renewable.  By that I mean I'd like to use what I already have instead of buying more (make my own cards, grow my own veggies, re-style my clothes into new ones, etc.)  If I do buy something I would like for it to be cost efficient (read: cheap) and if need be, something I can give a new life to with paint or something of the sort. 
     I would also like to continue to walk through life with Aaron.  Maintaining and enjoying a marriage is a lot of work, but it's something I'm more that willing to work for.
     I'd definitely like to be serving where the need is greater, whether that be unassigned territory or moving to help out a congregation in need.  That's always in the back of my mind and something to shoot for.
    Well, that's all I could think and those few things may take me years to accomplish.  I'd better sit down and think of some more.  To be completely honest I find it extremely difficult to plan beyond 6 months.  Whether it's right or wrong, I seem to take life as it comes, day by day, until it seems I have no more.  Whitney out.

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