Monday, January 17, 2011

A peek inside my weekend

     Have you ever had a day where you needed it to be about you and only you?  This past Friday was what it was all about. Big-M, little-e, Me.  After a truly heinous week I needed a day to decompress - quiet time if you will.  I took matters in my own hands and treated myself to a "spa day."  Whatever I felt I needed done, I did.  I loved it and afterwards felt a little more sane (but really only a little.)

Some of my favorite facial products

Ever since November I've felt like I hit the ground running and never stop until I need to go to bed.  I haven't felt like doing anything I normally do for fun time.  Cooking seemed mundane.  Scrapbooking seemed daunting.  Blogging felt boring.  I wanted to be creative, but I couldn't even muster up enough enthusiasm to figure out what I wanted to be creative with.  My spa day must have helped, because on Saturday (after service of course!) I decided to sit down and sew.  Guess what I made?  A tie for Aaron.  But not just any old tie.  It's a plaid, faux-flannel tie as seen in J. Crew for $60! 

Did I mention this tie runs for $60?!!
                            So I dug out a Vogue pattern I have had for awhile and got to sewing.

And here's the end result.  Aaron wore it to meeting and received several compliments on it (or so I was told.)  I was very proud of it indeed.  Now I'm thinking of trying to find even more fun material to make Aaron some custom (or as he says, "turbo") ties.

It turned out to be a great, stress-relieving weekend and I can't wait to tackle another project I've been wanting to try: custom made cards.  I'll keep ya' posted!!

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jennifer said...

Coooool!!! That is such a neat idea!(The spa day and the tie ;), but especially the tie)