Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 25

{my day in GREAT detail}

     At first I intended to take pictures of every little detail of  my day, but I'm not "with it" enough to actually set time aside or remember my camera.  So here it is.  Warning: this could be terribly exciting. 

5:45- alarm goes off
5:50- hurl my body out of bed, shuffle to bathroom
5:55- brush teeth,etc- pull on work out clothes
6:00 - 7:00- work out
7:00 - hop in shower
7:15- 7:30- get out of shower, throw clothes on, do hair and makeup
7:30-7:40- eat
7:41- run out door to work
7:50- arrive at work (late as usual), turn everything on and set up for patients
8-5:30ish- work, work, work
5:45: drive home and either start making dinner or find something to eat, somewhere
6:00- hop on computer and check in on "things"
6:45- 10- normally watch TV or read or go out or over to someones house or clean....whatever needs to be done
10: get ready for bed, lay out workout clothes, crawl in bed and set alarm. 
10:01pm-5:44am- sleep and start all over again.

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