Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 29

{Hopes, dreams, plans for the next 365 days}

It is still January, the month where I feel everyone gets a new beginning if they choose to begin.  I choose to begin now:  I hope to take the trip of a lifetime with Aaron and spend a lifetime with him.  I hope Aaron and I stay as happy together as we have been so far, letting go of the small stuff and doing so with humor (or what we consider humorous). 

     I hope I don't get bogged down by everyday crap and forget to do something worthwhile everyday.  I dream of moving to another town (but not far from family).  I hope I can stick to my goal of weight loss and meet my goal.  I hope to become a real sewer, not just someone with a machine and hope to explore my creativity more this year, whether it be through photography, sewing, cooking, etc.

 I dream of revamping my office, the entry way, the living room and maybe even the kitchen.  I dream of revamping myself, more true to my style and less of what everyone else thinks it should be.

I dream of improving the quality and quantity of of my spirituality and my mentality, of going to the "couples school."  I dream of what life will really be like in the future and can't wait.  I dream of making it to see that future.
I plan on getting up everyday and moving ahead, not living in the past.  I plan on taking every day as it comes and not worrying about tomorrows and "what-if." I plan on.