Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Excuses, excuses

I have many reasons why posts have been sparse around here.
You see....
Creativity is hibernating.  For a while it seems.
It turns out baking is fattening?
Shopping costs money that is in high demand from bunches of places right now.
Trips are unplanned and therefore, not taken.
Photos are out in the big world that I am avoiding.
And I'm just so tired.

So I figured it was time I shared some simple things that have brought me trace amounts of joy in my sleepy November:

'New Girl'

It's a new show about a quirky girl who makes awkward situations even more awkward and hilarious.
I actually laugh out loud.

Krabby Patties
Who knew this little sponge would reach out to the masses via gummy candy?  All I can say is that this is my favorite candy of the moment and I'm glad a co-worker introduced them to me and the candy drawer at work.

Kat Von D eyeliner pencil

Another co-worker ( I work with some pretty good girls) introduced me to this pencil after I was complaining about the eye pencil I was using at that time.  I love it! It goes on smooth, can be smudged with the built in smudgy and has a built in sharpener in the cap. I only own it in the dark brown but intend to buy it in several other colors.

Miss Piggy

I didn't even realize how much I loved Miss Piggy until tonight.  As I write this post I'm watching the Country Music awards and she was just on.  She cracks me up, especially when she karate chops people.  She was an awesome role model growing up.  I'm pretty sure moi learned how to interact with people from Miss Piggy. Thanks Piggy.  Thanks.


They snort.  They snot.  But they are so dang cute! Just look at that face!

...and last, but certainly not least

Starbucks pumpkin spice latte

Hope you are all finding some of your own favorites to keep these next few months cozy and fun!


Anonymous said...

New Girl is the best show, time a million. Can I just be Zooey please?!

Whitney said...

@threadsandbuttons I agree!